The Vikings adventuros Fyrkat

This little adventure actually started back in the year 980, when Harald Bluetooth was the Viking king.

Virgin Beach, Bali

Virgin Beach, Bali

Looking for a nice beach in Bali? One with beautiful beach sand and beautiful turquoise, wild waves that you can just throw yourself into?

Peter og Sebastian, Bastia, Korsika

Corsica – Raw Beauty Away from Tourist Hell

I became acquainted with Corsica for the first time in 2009, somewhat by accident, really...

Solstole på stranden

Adventures in the Bed of the Drug Kingpin

In 2007, Peter and I made a decision that has made me no longer fear repeating magical experiences.

High tea, Singapore

7 Tips to an Unforgettable High Tea in Singapore

Give yourself and those you are traveling with a high tea in Singapore! Here are 7 tips to an unforgettable high tea in Singapore!

Lise Kryger Bali

De 9 vigtigste erkendelser fra mine rejser i 2016

Hvad 2016 lærte mig om det at rejse som mor på mine 4 rejser til Portugal, Singapore, Bali og Prag.

Viareggio, Italien

Photos from the Tuscany seaside resort – Viareggio

On our way home from Corsica we had the wish to expand our travel with a few days in Italy. We booked an apartment in the Tuscany seaside resort – Viareggio. Read and see our photos.

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The Chinese Garden

I’ve been in a garden so nice and free A no sorrow garden but sorrow I see

Rejser du med angst i bagagen - tips til at håndtere angsten

Rejser du med angst i bagagen? Få 9 tips til mindre angst under rejsen!

Rejser du med angst i bagagen? Selvom du rejser ud i verden og mærker angst undervejs er der flere ting du kan gøre ...